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How Working Genius Builds Teams to Move Projects from Conception to Completion

I’m energized by teams. Understanding team dynamics and their synergy is a passion of mine. Like myself, you may have served on some great teams where efficiency, productivity and trust thrive. You may have also served on teams that drain your energy and enthusiasm. It may be a team you like, where there is a strong bond and interdependence between team members but a heightened level of frustration when working on a project together. 

And you’re not sure why. Team members are gifted, passionate and committed…but somehow projects stall out. They hit a wall. They dead end. 

The Table Group’s development of Working Genius allows us to identify and understand our geniuses, competencies and frustrations while celebrating the geniuses of others. The stages of work provide a pathway where a team can track their project from the contemplative genius of wonder through its successful completion thanks to the genius of tenacity. The project moves adeptly from beginning to end.

(If you want a quick overview of Working Genius read this brief article).

I’ve worked with several teams who discover that they don’t have all the geniuses. This realization explains why they have such difficulty at a certain stage of many projects. It reveals the root cause of their painful pauses. 

You may have experienced the frustration of projects stalling out at work. You’re working with a team you enjoy that hits a wall in project after project. It may have sounded something like this…

  • Why are we always stuck at this stage of a project?
  • Where did the passion for this project go?
  • When did we become so tense with each other?
  • Why is this part of project management so infuriating? 
  • How does this happen every time?

And you’re stuck. The project stalls. You have team meetings to move forward and eventually push through. You know you want the next project to flow differently. What do you do?

How do you identify the Geniuses of your team members? What do you do when a Genius is missing?

  1. You identify the Geniuses of every member and know how they contribute to each stage of work by having them complete the Working Genius Assessment.
  2. You develop a Working Genius Team Map to determine which Geniuses are being underutilized or are even missing from your team. 
  3. You realign your team. If you have all the Geniuses on your team but their job doesn’t typically allow them to express that Genius, you should alter their job description to align their role with their Geniuses. 
  4. You hire the required Genius. You look for someone who is a great fit for your team culture and has the Genius(es) you’re lacking.
  5. You borrow the Genius. You can bring in someone from another department or even from outside the organization to help. 

Teams I’ve led previously worked well together, complimenting each other’s weaknesses and strengths but having the Working Genius language would have proved indispensable. 

My Geniuses are Invention and Galvanizing. I experience joy and fulfilment in using them. I’ve recently discovered that I can help other teams with my Invention Genius by generating solutions or coming up with a creative way forward when they can’t. Typically, I use this Genius best when I have some knowledge or expertise in the area. When I hear the speculative question, my mind immediately starts to generate a variety of possibilities.

I’ve learned I can use my Genius of Galvanizing in a wide variety of situations. If I come alongside a team through the duration of a project, I can rally and motivate them around a variety of projects. I’m driven to motivate others to excel where they are gifted. 

If your team hasn’t already done so, I’d encourage you to hire a Certified Working Genius Facilitator who can:

  • Guide you through the Working Genius model and assessments. 
  • Coach each team member in their Geniuses.
  • Interpret your team map, analyze the gaps, and offer solutions.
  • Examine challenges your team faces and propose solutions.
  • Explain the stages of work for projects and tasks. 
  • Free your team members from the guilt and judgment they face for not being gifted at certain tasks.  
  • Allow your team to experience more joy and fulfillment at work.

If you or your team are looking to know more about Working Genius, you can DM me @ or schedule a Discovery Call. I’d be delighted to share what I’ve learned so you and your team can continue to succeed and thrive. 

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