Consulting Services

Here are the core areas where we support your organization in pursuit of a courageous, life-changing vision.

Customized Consulting Solutions Designed for Expansion and Growth

Nonprofits | Healthcare | Affordable Housing | Ministries

At Cline Consulting, we tailor each client engagement to the organization’s needs, but the basic ingredients are always the same. 

We support you in as many of these critical areas as the occasion calls for. Schedule a discovery call with us to begin the process of designing a customized package of services for your organization. 

Strategic Planning

We start by helping you look beyond the vision you think you can achieve and instead pursue the goals you want to achieve. 

Once the vision is established, we also provide the roadmap that gets you to your goals. We build the map to live beyond any transitions in leadership, and we guide your organization all the way to the finish line.


The first key to excellence in fundraising is helping your team get over their fears of failure and rejection. We help them get comfortable – and even excited – about asking for money. We also help them find confidence in chasing big wins from major donors and other funding sources like government grants. 

Then, some of your most important wins happen after a donation, in showing appreciation and building relationships that fund your programs long-term. We’ll help you build authentic, invested relationships with your donor base.

Team Building

We help you build a team of people who compliment you and can flow with your strengths. We also equip you to draw people out who are naturally less vocal, to capture their insight and make sure everyone feels valued. 

Meanwhile, the other essential in bringing a vision to life is getting it to catch fire in the hearts and minds of your team. We build support and enthusiasm among your staff.


Vision initiatives live or die on the strength of the processes and policies supporting them, so having the right model of governance in place for your organization is essential. We also make sure you install the right processes for managing and measuring progress towards your goals. 

At the same time, we use our expertise and experience on the board side of things to help you share your vision with them and build a broad coalition of support around it.

Find a co-conspirator in courageous leadership.

Take Big Swings

Sometimes you need a partner who can view your situation from the outside and see new possibilities for your org.

Raise All the Money

We’ll help you build a fearless team of fundraisers who know how to share your vision and inspire people to give.

Impact More Lives!

Follow a detailed strategic roadmap while we help keep your team inspired and aligned around your monumental vision.