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In my career of over 30 years, I’ve participated in more than 10 thousand meetings. Over the last month I’ve averaged 12

I’m energized by teams. Understanding team dynamics and their synergy is a passion of mine. Like myself, you may have served on

Fundraising is Friendraising There are a variety of ways to raise funds today. From Direct Mail to Social Media to Mobile Apps

I’ve sat through dozens of strategic planning sessions and retreats. Time is spent conducting an environmental scan, working through a SWOT analysis,

The decline of charitable giving in Canada is startling. Less and less Canadians are donating to charities. Our post-COVID charitable giving reality

I’ve been drawn to leadership since my late teens, and I learned early on that loving leadership meant either sitting on or

I’ve always enjoyed solving problems. Brainstorming energizes me. As an extroverted Inventor, being surrounded by people who are attempting to solve seemingly

I’m extremely extroverted. I’m energized by crowds and conversations. I’m thrilled by back-to-back meetings, invigorated by hallway conversations, and look forward to

Some people suggest that they knew they were a leader from early on. I didn’t. They even talk about ways they exemplified

Many leaders are gifted visionaries. You can picture a preferred future. You know where the organization needs to go. You see a

Non-profit organizations occupy a fascinating space in our culture. They work tirelessly to solve complex problems with a scarcity of resources. These