About Us

It’s time to dream big, knowing you have the strategic and operational guidance in place through our consulting services to pursue a bold, impactful vision.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

There’s a big, beautiful, blank whiteboard and a room full of people ready to be inspired. Hours or even days later, you’ve agreed on a vision! 

People cheer and clap for the bullet points you’ve scribbled on the board. The future looks bright . . . 

. . . until around noon the next day when the questions set in. 

“Who will take on the extra workload?”

“How will you build a broad base of support with your stakeholders?”

“How will you pay for it?”

And then, there’s this particularly haunting one, 

“Did you dream big enough?”

There never seems to be enough bandwidth.

I’ve been where you are, serving as a leader on staff and on multiple boards, trying to pursue a bold, meaningful vision while managing day-to-day operations.

That’s why I build this consulting service. This is what I wish I’d had when I was in your position.

  • I’m the partner who takes a leap of faith with you.
  • I’m your co-conspirator in courageous thinking.

And it just so happens I have the skills needed to support you behind the scenes and help you cross the finish line.

You’re the driver. I’m the engine that runs in the background.

I help you expand your vision, design the roadmap, assemble the team, build consensus, raise the funds, and build the systems needed to keep things moving forward.

Schedule a discovery call today. Your organization deserves the support it needs to do more of the great and wonderful things you do to change lives for the better.  

-Dwayne Cline

About Dwayne Cline

Dwayne’s experience in the worlds of nonprofit, healthcare, and housing organizations spans nearly 30 years of service. Now, he uses those decades of experience to coach leaders and the orgs they serve in the pursuit of courageous, life-changing visions.

Dwayne Cline served as the lead pastor of James North Baptist Church (JNBC), in Hamilton, for 28 years.

When he arrived at the church in 1995, the North End was the 3rd poorest community in Canada. Now, JNBC offers a variety of ministries in the neighbourhood, caring for over 400 individuals and families every week who are not attendees of the church.

Recently, JNBC built a church facility that includes 45 apartments for those needing affordable housing. The church makes $1 a year from the housing initiative. The facility cost $22 million, and $21 million was raised to fund construction. As an added victory, it has been named as one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world.

Under his leadership, James North Baptist Church grew from 35 in attendance each Sunday to 450 (with an average age under 30). At the same time. JNBC became a supportive home to two additional congregations: a Portuguese speaking congregation and a Karen congregation (refugees from Burma). In fact, Dwayne’s time at JNBC gave him extensive experience in working with immigrant and refugee communities. 

Over the years, the Lord has allowed him to directly raise over $25 million to support the ministry, and JNBC has received several awards acknowledging its reputation as a trusted partner in the community.

Beyond the church, Dwayne has served on the boards of a variety of local, provincial, and national organizations.

This broad exposure has given Dwayne a unique depth of experience in leading organizations through times of transition and growth.

Dwayne served on the board of Compass Community Health. Compass operates on $16 million budget and serves 25,000 clients annually with a team of more than 130 employees. He sat on the board for four multi-year terms and served as chair for two of them. During that time, he provided leadership through two critical transitions: the building of a new facility and the search for a new CEO.

In another role, he spent a decade as chair of a local nonprofit newspaper that serves 4,000 people. During that time, he retired $30 thousand in debt, hired a part-time Executive Director, and created a supportive collaboration with a ‘parent’ organization to help ensure the paper’s future.

He currently sits on a variety of boards, including serving as the chair of two national boards.

Name a type of committee, and Dwayne has served on it:

Governance, audit, community engagement, a local BIA, neighbourhood organizations, schools and within his own denomination.

Dwayne has built a reputation for excellence in working with government agencies. He facilitated panel discussions with the City of Hamilton for Housing at multiple events, including National Housing Day.

All of this reflects a simple truth. He truly loves board governance, strategic planning, team building, and fundraising, and he loves coaching others in these skills even more.

Dwayne is a sought-after speaker for a variety of forums on ministry and nonprofit strategy across the country. And when it comes time to rest, he enjoys reading and vacationing with his family.