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Affordable Housing


Most visions worth pursuing feel just out of reach.

The only thing worse than lacking vision is losing momentum, and there never seems to be enough bandwidth to push a bold vision forward while running day-to-day operations. 

Find the support your organization needs to dream big.

While you drive the organization forward, we become the engine behind your new initiative. We work behind the scenes to equip, align, and inspire your team by consulting in these areas.

Strategic Planning

Learn to look beyond your preconceived limitations and pursue what you truly want to accomplish. 


Your team will become comfortable with asking for money and learn to build authentic relationships with donors.

Team Building

We help you build the right team for your goals and a consensus around the vision among your staff, donors, and board. 


Find an ally in engaging with your board. We help communicate the vision and build a coalition of support around it.

Meet Dwayne Cline

Dwayne has served in multiple leadership roles across nonprofits, ministries, and healthcare organizations for the last 29 years, including sitting on the boards of a variety of local, provincial, and national organizations.

During that time, he sat on the board of Compass Community Health for four terms, serving as the chair twice and leading the organization through both the building of a new facility and the search for a new CEO.   

He truly loves board governance, strategic planning, team building and coaching others in fundraising, and he is particularly adept at navigating relationships with government agencies and serving immigrant communities.

Governing for Nonprofit Excellence Certificate - Harvard Business School

Group Facilitation


Certified Working
Genius Facilitator

That Work

Case Study: Affordable Housing in Hamilton

Dwayne served as the lead pastor for James North Baptist Church in Hamilton for 28 years. When he arrived, the North End was the 3rd poorest community in Canada, and JNBC became deeply engaged in the community, caring for more than 400 individuals and families every week.

In 2016, the church decided to build its new home to meet as many needs as possible in the North End. It was integrated with a facility that includes 45 units of supportive, affordable housing.

This project cost $22 million, and $21 million was raised to fund construction thanks to fundraising efforts, community partnerships, and government grants.

For a church of JNBC’s size, it was a true leap of faith, but it’s the kind of ambitious, life-changing project Dwayne now finds joy in helping other organizations bring to life.

Here’s How We Support You

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

Let’s talk about what keeps you up at night. What aren’t you able to accomplish that you want to?

2. Refine Your Vision

We’ll guide you and your team past preconceived limitations to embrace a courageous vision for the future.

3. Cross the Finish Line

We’ll be with you every step of the way with the roadmap, accountability, and support you need to conquer audacious goals.

Find a co-conspirator in courageous leadership.

Take Big Swings

Sometimes you need a partner who can view your situation from the outside and see new possibilities for your org.

Raise All the Money

We’ll help you build a fearless team of fundraisers who know how to share your vision and inspire people to give.

Impact More Lives!

Follow a detailed strategic roadmap while we help keep your team inspired and aligned around your monumental vision.